May 26, 2018
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Justice is a French (obviously) electronic band known for their remixes, like this one! Listening to them makes me wish I was in Paris dancing at Le Baron.

May 18, 2018
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Anything Thom Yorke puts out is magic, obviously. This whole album is worth a listen. Good for self reflection.

My favorite chill-out playlist

This playlist is the ABSOLUTE BEST. It's a 24/7 radio that plays the chillest beats. Great for working or relaxing. Best enjoyed on rainy days in bed <3

Currently reading

I've been following her for a few years. She had a popular blog where she wrote about her life all her crazy sexcapades. I'm so happy she came out with a book now, it's a great read for anyone interested in anything sex related. Touches on the subjects of bdsm, sex work, sexuality, polyamory and more.

A recommendation from a client and so far it's a very interesting read! Lots of info on how to start lucid dreaming and take control of them. For anyone interested in this subject, I also recommend reading Robert Monroe's "Journeys Out of the Body". It's incredible. 

Currently watching: Movies

Good for those that are into gore! Great story, interesting characters, amazing costume design. Despite the acting being kind of cheesy, I think this movie is definitely in my top 10 favorite movies for its visuals.

This is a funny, heartwarming, kind of sad slice of life film. It really brought me back to my childhood and how everything was so simple and easy back then. Willem Dafoe does incredible acting. Worth watching.