A glance is all it takes..

You've arrived here not by chance, there's something that you see in me that has peaked your curiosity. Is it the soft brown eyes, or heart cupid lips? Perhaps you're intrigued by my bold tattoos. My aura is attracting your aura, no doubt, so let's find out if we click.

In Norse mythology, Freja is the goddess of love, beauty, sex, magic, and gold. She is often portrayed as a lover and object of lust. My last name, Noir, comes from the delicate essential... dark, modern, romantic. I can attest to a few of these descriptions... well, all of them, if I'm not being modest. 

I'm a natural bon vivant in search of more of her kind. My mind is worldly and non-judgmental, my soul youthful and daring. You know a fellow hedonist when you see them; we may all be in disguise, yet our outer lines glow.

Care to be my partner in crime?

Stick around and soon we'll find out xo