I value my time highly, thus I require a 20% deposit in the form of digital payment before our date can be confirmed.

It is a requirement for everyone and for all dates, no exceptions. 

This is to ensure commitment from your side and for me to plan our date ahead of time.



Screening is required for all new clients. If you don't have provider references, I'll need a photo of your ID and employment information (a business card or linkedin profile will do). All this is kept confidential and is immediately deleted after you're verified. This is only for me to feel safe and comfortable meeting for the first time.


Connection above all

I'm a woman who loves taking her time to get to know someone, thus longer dates are my favorite and will be prioritized when accepting bookings.


Introducing yourself

 When contacting me for the first time, be respectful and mindful of your writing. I do not answer "u avail" e-mails (shows laziness and carelessness) and I absolutely do not answer any e-mails of the sexual kind. The best way to contact me is to keep it short and simple. Fill out the form at my booking page here.



 Please have your patronage available at the beginning of the date. It can be given in an unsealed envelope or inside a gift bag if we're out in public.

Good hygiene is imperative, please shower thoroughly before our meeting. You're welcome to shower at my incall as well.


Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations made will lose their deposit. Cancelling the day of will result in having to pay 50% of our date. It is okay to reschedule 48hrs or more before the date, and deposit will still go toward the date's total. 


Preferred payment method?


In order: Cash, paypal, venmo, bitcoin and amazon gift card.

Are you kinky?

I'm very much a vanilla type. If you're looking for anything beyond a classic GFE, I'm probably not the one for you.

Are you newbie friendly?

Yes I am. As an introvert, I know how nerve wracking it is to plunge into this for the first time. Rest assured I will make you feel at ease and proceed at a pace you're most comfortable with ♡

How do you dress for our dates, and can I request an outfit?

For dates that are 1 to 2 hours long, I go for a cute casual look that will vary from jeans and boots to Sunday dresses and sandals, depending on my mood. Dates 3hrs or longer I dress up tastefully for the occasion; a dress that's not too revealing and a pair of elegant heels is my go to. If you have a specific outfit request, you can message me with a general idea of what you envision and I'll see what I can create with what is in my closet. Alternatively you are welcome to send a gift card if you want me to purchase a specific outfit for our date. 

If you want to surprise me with lingerie, dresses or shoes on our date, below are my measurements for your reference:

Dress size: 4 / small

Shoe size: 8

Bra size: 36B

Do you see couples?

At this moment I do not see couples.

What about duos?

Absolutely! I offer duos with female providers as well as male friends. Please e-mail me if you're curious to know more.

Do you travel?

I tour regularly, you can be notified by email by subscribing at the bottom of my page. I am also available for fly me to you dates.